Prices & Policies

Monthly DANCE Tuition is as follows:

Prices are per student, per month

1 Class = $70

2 Classes = $105

3 Classes = $130

4 Classes = $150

5 Classes = $170

6 Classes = $190

7 Classes = $210

8 Classes = $230

9 Classes = $250

10 Classes = $270

Private 30 Minute Weekly Private DANCE Instruction = $125 (30 Minute Private Duo = $75 per dancer)

Private 30 Minute Weekly Private MUSIC Instruction = $100.00 per month

1. Tuition is divided equally over 12 months regardless of the number of actual weeks in the month. THERE IS A ONE MONTH MINIMUM CHARGE PAYABLE PRIOR TO THE FIRST LESSON. If you are starting in the middle of a month, we will pro rate your second month to make the tuition payable the first week of the month. Otherwise you will be charged the fee monthly regardless of the number of lessons attended or number of weeks in the month. We offer a "family discount" of 10% off of tuition. This discount applies to multiple private lessons, multiple students, or music and dance lesson combinations. Multi-Dance (2 or more dance classes) is already billed at a discounted rate, therefore the family discount will not apply. We are a year round school. Classes do not stop for the summer. A TWO WEEK DROP NOTICE IS REQUIRED in order to discontinue services. You will be billed for services unless you notify the FRONT DESK.

2. A non-refundable registration fee of $65.00 per family is due upon enrollment. The registration fee is NOT an annual fee. This fee will not be billed again unless a family drops for any length of time and then re-registers at WSOTA.

3. Tuition is due and payable at the FIRST LESSON OF EACH MONTH. Please pick up your bill from the front desk on the first lesson of the month. Bills not picked up will be mailed after the 15th of the month. Checks should be made payable to Wehner’s School of the Arts and may be given to the receptionist or mailed to the school. You may also pay with MasterCard or Visa and automatic debit is available upon request. You may pay online through our website at

4. After the first month, you may discontinue your lessons at the end of any month with proper notice to the front desk. Notice to drop must be confirmed at the front desk by the 15th of the month. You will continue to be enrolled through the end of the following month if notice is given after the 15th. Lack of attendance does not constitute a drop notice. You will be billed for any month during which you are enrolled. *Please note that all dancers must be enrolled through the month of June in order to participate in the dance recital.

5. LATE FEES are applied as follows:

$20.00 after the 15th, than an additional $10.00 if not paid in full by the end of the month. You may be removed from the schedule if tuition is more than one month overdue. A repeat registration fee may also be required to return the the program. WSOTA reserves the right to discontinue your lessons if tuition is not up to date. ANY ACCOUNTS SUBMITTED TO THE COLLECTION AGENCY WILL AUTOMATICALLY INCUR A 40% INCREASE TO COVER COLLECTION COSTS. There will be a $25 charge for any returned check.

6. NO ADJUSTMENTS WILL BE MADE FOR CLASSES MISSED DURING THE MONTH. If the teacher cancels a class for any reason, a make-up class will be scheduled. Any classes missed due to illness or vacations by the student may be made up if notice was given BEFORE THE CLASS WAS MISSED. Dance classes may be made up by attending any other equivalent class during the week. Music class make-ups must be scheduled through the front desk. Unexcused absences, i.e. forgetfulness, bad weather or lack of planning will not be made up. Studio closures due to hurricanes will not be credited, though we will do our best to provide make-ups. No credit will be offered for student cancellations.

7. A non-refundable dance recital fee of $55.00 ($20 each additional sibling) will be billed to all dance students annually in September. Anyone enrolling between September and January of the following year will be charged this fee on enrollment, regardless of recital participation. Our annual dance recital is held in at a professional theater in Orange Park in early-mid June. Please inquire at the front desk for the specific date. For security purposes, parents are not allowed backstage during the recital.

8. A non-refundable costume fee of $70.00 per dance class will be billed in January. Once a costume has been ordered we cannot cancel the order. You will be responsible for full payment, even if you drop out of the class before the recital. WSOTA retains ownership of all costumes until after the recital. Costumes are yours to keep AFTER the recital.

9. WSOTA employs audio/video monitoring of all dance classes for insurance and liability purposes. You may schedule a meeting woith Kyle or Holly Wehner to review any dance class video within one week of the date of the video.

10. WSOTA reserves the right to use photos and/or videos from the music and dance programs for promotional purposes.

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