The Gallery at Wehner's

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Within the bustling halls of the premier performing arts school, Wehner's School of the Arts, Gallery at Wehner's operates as an independent* gallery, showcasing local artists, including professional and student artists. Individuals and groups may exhibit their work in quarterly shows, welcoming guests during artists receptions. Participants can expect professional handling of their artwork and promotions by our resident artist and curator, Cynthia Csalovszki.

As part of the enriching environment within Wehner's School of the Arts, our gallery offers students and visitors a closeup view of the vast emotional interpretations portrayed by the visual arts; connecting the viewer to the artist, the artist to the community, and the individual to introspection.

In addition to the gallery, we offer occasional artist workshops for children and adults. A focus on drawing basics, techniques and use of mediums gives artists the skills needed for successful implementation of their own ideas.

*Gallery at Wehner's operates independently and is not affiliated with any particular artists group. All local individual and group artists are welcome to inquire about showing in our exhibits. Wehner's School of the Arts offers use of the gallery at the discretion of the artist.

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